“HEAVEN’S GATE” EXPOSED: Satanic CIA Suicide Brainwashing Cult in Damascus, OR #Pizzagate

(PATRIOT NEWS: This has FALSE FLAG and NWO MK ULTRA written all over it, folks. “DAMASCUS” is a HUGE ILLUMINATI fixation, as is the name of their OTHER location, “PHOENIX,” Arizona. This place is also on a huge mess of Ley Lines, and probably the same exact one as Damascus in the Middle East (see the end of this article for more of what some people are claiming about Ley Lines) We went to the website linked to an article on these lunatics and found the following: 1) They call themselves “Oculus” 2) They brainwash their followers/victims into believing the lie that suicide is a good thing 3) They brainwash their followers into worshipping death 4) They brainwash their followers into believing the Satanic Vatican/NWO lie that our Lord Jesus Christ is a deformed alien about to come in a Nazi/Tesla UFO 4)They just moved into the area in 2009 5) They are almost certainly a CIA/Vatican False Flag Front Group meant for a False Flag Attack by the CIA to condemn Christians very, very soon) 


  • Pizzagate: Emails Prove Podesta is Georgetown University Member of the Satanic Jesuit Order (IHS)
  • Disturbing Evidence That Portland’s VOODOO DONUTS May Be a Child Sex Trafficking Front
  • suic

    The Temple of Oculus Anubis: Creepiest place in Oregon?


    With Halloween just a few days away, I’ve been gearing up to try and find somewhere creepy enough in Oregon to blog about. I recently asked some friends on my personal page about places they knew of, when an old high school friend reached out and pointed me towards possibly the creepiest place I’ve ever seen in Oregon.

    First and foremost, I’d like to let you know we are in no way encouraging anyone to trespass, as this is location is definitely private property.

    Upon following these links, I have found threads mostly from last year, with a lot of broken links to very puzzling images. Nobody seems to have a real answer as to what’s really going on here, but here is some of what I have found from various websites.


    From http://archive.heinessen.com/:

    Hello /x/. I don’t post here really ever but I am here to seek knowledge or better understanding of what this place could be. I live in Oregon and this place is located in Damascus OR. The name of it is OCULUS ANUBIS. I am pretty sure it is a cult of some sort. I have seen online they have permits to build tunnels. A lot of the local kids around here and my friends go to the gate to take pictures but recently have been getting followed by a white SUV. The police have now stepped in.

    The gate is at the end of the road.


    oc oc3 oc4

    From Reddit “I think I’m being followed and could really use some advice. Help me out, nosleep?” (read more of this story here):

    I think I’m being followed and could really use some advice. Help me out, nosleep?

    submitted 11 months ago * by nosleepathome

    There’s a street near my house that is all pretty eerie and I’m not sure what to make of it. I’m asking for help, or advice, to what this place could be, and what exactly my boyfriend and I could have potentially stumbled into.

    For clarification, so that everything I know is out there for everyone to know, I’m going to give a little background information into this street, as well as what my boyfriend and I have experienced. It might be a little long but pleasestick with me – I truly need your help with this.

    Near my house, maybe twenty minutes away, is this really bizarre street of houses. It’s off the beaten path, smack dab in the middle of an area full of little country houses and farmlands. You drive down a one-lane gravel road with houses (really nice houses, actually – two stories, big garages, big windows. You get the idea.) on either side of you until you arrive at this miniature cul de sac.
    Right when you pull into the turn around there are large pyramids on either side of the street, separating the gravel road from paved street. Starting at the pyramids and wrapping around the paved road are cobbled stone walls surrounding the property, leading up to a giant gate. Absolutely huge – as tall, if not taller, than a house. On top of the gate is imagery depicting what looks like a lion fighting some sort of dragon, topped with decorative leaf designs. Through the gates and down a grey-paved path, is the thing that really takes the cake: a giant statue of what I’ve assumed is an Anubis.

    It’s awesome, to say the least. I found this place around two years ago when a past friend took me to gawk at this amazing property. Since then I’ve visited it every so often, not that much, until recently. My boyfriend, Mitch, had never seen the property. I decided to take him down there, let him get a look at it since I thought it was so cool, and he immediately took to it – not that I blame him. He found the whole area just as cool as I did – though instead of just gawking at the property, he wanted to do some research into it.
    He started doing Google searches on it, looking on property sites to see how big the actual thing was, seeing if anyone else knew of it, and so on. We started going down there frequently, checking in on the place, trying to see if we could figure out any trends they might follow (the torches on the pyramids are sometimes lit, sometimes not – though the more we’ve visited the less we’ve found them to be lit). It’s been a little investigative study, so to speak.

    It started off with just some simple observations: * Every home has a white van. * Every home has a least four cars. * Most homes are lit at all hours of the day (based off us visiting this street at 3am, 10am, 2pm, 5pm, 10pm, and midnight – all on separate occasions). * The house to the left of the “Anubis House” always has every room completely lit at all times of the day (aside from on one visit). * The radio will not work down by the “Anubis House” – whereas it will work at the end of all the other streets. * You are always being watched.

    My boyfriend and I realized the last part very early on into our visits. As in, the first day that I took him down to look the place over. We had been sitting around, talking about who knows what, until I suggested we go check this place out. It was a weekend during summer so we had a significantly reduced class load, so we said sure, why not. It was around one thirty in the morning.

    We jumped in our car, headed down, and took a look at the place. Everything was as described, well-lit, no-radio, and everyone’s vans were in place. We drove down the gravel road and pulled up to the “Anubis House.”. As we drove in we saw the house on the left, the one that is constantly lit, full of people. The blinds in every room were drawn so I, as a nosy person, was able to look in at them.

    Every single person in that house was standing still, staring straight out their windows at us. From every room. When we turned around they continued to stare, still motionless, until we drove away. It was creepy, but at the time I also found it to be pretty awesome.
    As we started to visit it more frequently, I noticed that these people would always stop and stare, no matter the time of day – though if it was daylight, everyone from every house would exit their homes and walk up to the end of their driveways to watch us drive down, then back up. One time when turning around, two men and a women were standing at the neck of the roundabout, staring at us before walking away back into the always-lit house. Spooky, but like I said, I found that kind of thing to be awesome.

    Based off the research we did into the property we found out that they were calling themselves an eye clinic – something we found a little strange, considering there was no sign on the side of the road indicating an eye clinic, despite there being signs everywhere else telling you of nearby businesses. They had no signs on the property referring to themselves as an eye clinic, and their property was listed elsewhere as residential. Aside from that, if you didn’t hear about the house from someone who had stumbled across it, you would have never known it was there.

    Other things that we came to find about the place was that they had a permit for underground tunnels, all of which were connected to AC units, and that they were permitted to have two three story houses built in the back. Along with that, the ownership of this property would switch from person to person yearly – though all owners were apart of the same family.

    It was all pretty strange, to say the least, and we became more puzzled about it from day-to-day. People on other forums were talking about it, saying how “they had spoken to the owners and knew the real story” – though all the stories were drastically different from one another and many of the people telling these accounts were from out of state.

    That is what we know about it. Now, the thing getting me to post is that things have gotten a bit…weird. We visited the place a lot and were pretty open about it (though a lot of the time took different vehicles) and nothing bad or weird had happened to us. We figured it was a cool place that we could do some investigating into to make us feel like we were doing something cool with little to no consequences (the only consequence that we were aware of was us burning gas).

    That was until two weeks ago. Mitch and I drove down there, just wanting to look at it like the statue-stakers we had become, only to find the place completely dark. The houses weren’t lit up, the garages that were often times open were closed, even the house at the bottom of the street that always had every room lit was pitch-black. Nothing. The only lights on the street came from the under-lit Anubis statue. It was strange. Even our radio worked. When we turned around we noticed that every single white van was missing from it’s usual place. Confused, we drove home.

    Everyday since then we’ve been seeing this strange looking man. He’s tall, well-dressed, wears a black fedora (or something similar to it) that covers up curly black hair. He’s fairly tan with what appears to be dark-colored eyes. Honestly, I wouldn’t have noticed him appearing everywhere we went if I hadn’t spotted him outside my bedroom window on multiple occasions (note: I live in a one-story house, so he’s very easy to see right outside my window). Every time he’s come around my home he has one of these nondescript white vans (I should have mentioned, but these white vans are the sorts with no side windows – only blacked-out windows on the front doors, wind-shield and back two doors), though I haven’t noticed it around my school or work place.

    I know that I was doing the same thing by driving by their place to gawk, but it wasn’t like I followed themeverywhere they went. Nor do I have a really awesome statue in my lawn that begs people to come see it. Or attached to me, considering this guy is everywhere I am. He started with my bedroom window then moved to my school, my work, and occasionally, if I stay up later, he moves and stares in through my living room window. It’s creepy.

    I’ve called the police but he’s never around when they arrive.

    The thing that spurred me to even make this post was that last night, just a few minutes before midnight, I heard a knock on the door. I saw him stand there for a second, looking in through my door’s window, before walking off. I waited around thirty minutes before actually opening the door to find an envelope on my home’s welcome mat. I picked it up and brought it inside. Within was a note, with only the words:

    “Here we are.” On it.

    Does anyone know what I should do? Obviously I haven’t gone down and checked out the property since he appeared, but I’m wondering if I should go out there and talk to him? Or…gosh I don’t know. If anyone has any ideas on what I should do.

    (( edit: spelling. I’m a dope.
    edit2: google map screencaps: one || two ))


    (PATRIOT NEWS: Photo above is of the (child trafficking/abuse?) underground tunnels in this monstrosity)

    I found this business listing to be very odd, with a link to their supposed site websiteheavensgate.com. A few facts from the site:

    This listing is for Oculus’s Single Location in Damascus, OR. The company primarily operates in the Other Professional Equipment and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers industry.

    • Oculus:

      • Was founded in 2009 and is Privately held.
      • Has $260,000 in estimated annual revenue.
      • Employs 3 people.
      • Has 3 employees located here at the Single Location.

    Some more strange photos:


    oculus-damascus-or (1)

    More interesting notes (from this link):

    >some anon posted a thread about a temple of Oculus Anubis in the middle of a forest in Oregon
    >hardly any info on the cult or religion.
    >a voucher found for $2M for underground heated and vented tunnels
    >all neighbors seem to have the last name neal somehow
    >user named sarahlynn11 was brave enough to get close-up pics of part of the compound

    Illuminati Underground Satanic Fortress in Damascus, OR Exposed
    Keep Portland Weird added 7 new photos.There seems to be a sort of temple of Oculus Anubis in the middle of a forest in Oregon. There was a voucher found for $2M for underground building and heating (8 photos).We were met by a group of hooded cloaked figures, who then guided us underground. Not a word was spoken. The tunnels are massive. We were handed a script – never to return or you shall never leave.A gate to hell in Damascus.”Sekhmet’s blood-lust was not quelled at the end of battle and led to her destroying almost all of humanity” Its basically an Egyptian cult with a gate to hell (hence the god aker on the gate) aker = gate keeper of the underworld.The Akeru cult was involved in the worship of Ré. The Akeru, a pair of lions, guarded the sacred sites of the Ré cult and the “Gate of the Dawn,” the mythical abode through which Ré passed each morning.”
    akeru = aker = gatekeeper to the underworld, re = egyptian creator god. So the creator god passes into the underworld each morning



    Vortices appear to be points of power or energy on the Earth, and ley lines are the relationships between those points. An analogy might be that the vortices are accupressure points. and the ley lines between them are meridians on the skin of the body of Mother Earth.

    However, reality is likely not so simple. My theory is that there is a template for this physical reality in a world existing concomitant with this one, and that template is geometric, or mathematical in organization. Matter is here, then not here, moving back and forth between implicate and explicate reality, as described in the theories of David Bohm, a contemporary and colleague of Einstein. This template for matter as we experience it in this explicate reality (the physical world) is in implicate reality, as also described in the “morphogenetic fields” of Rupert Sheldrake, a biologist at Cambridge in the 1960’s.2 Joel Goldsmith, a metaphysical healer, often alludes to the same kind of system in his books, Jane Roberts mentions It in the Seth books, and Swedenborg Wrote of the correspondence between this world and that of the spiritual in Heaven and Hell, paragraph 90.

    If this is what is, then it’s possible that the template for our Earth ‘in that unseen reality is crystalline ‘in organization. Furthermore, that crystalline matrix seems to be similar to a geodesic dome–a series of triangular shapes fit together to form the skin of a sphere. The joining on the surface of the Earth at the apexes of these triangles are points of energy focus, the vortices of the Earth. Some of the principal lines of force Join -mg these vortices, called “ley lines, ” form triangular shapes between vortices.

    At these foci of energy Earth, as it forms ‘in explicate reality (our world as we sense it), reveals the presence of these foci, or vortices, by -nations of geologic significance: These formations are volcanoes, high mountains, hot springs, mineral deposits, ends of sand spits near the ocean, sea mounts, forks of rivers, river mouths, large falls, deep gorges, rock outcroppings, and possibly others. Some dams are located on vortices, and often mineral deposits, especially gold, denote a vortex. There is a whole swirl of vortices around and near the Golden Gate Bridge, and these might be the coming together of several faults–many ley lines follow the great faults and waterways on the surface of our earth.

    This system of vortices and ley lines is not a new idea. Sacred temples of the ancient world around the Mediterranean are located at powerful vortices, and drawing lines between them will bring out patterns of triangles. The Indians in the American Southwest as well as those in Peru and other parts of South America located their cities and the roads between them on vortices and ley lines, which look Like so many spokes and hubs. The Chinese practice the ancient science of geomancy. “The Olde Straite Pathes” of England,3 the location of Stonehenge and it’s relationship to the Great Pyramid, Glastonbury and the myth of Avalon correlate to vortices. I’m sure there are many more examples throughout the world.

    Edgar Cayce spoke of gigantic earthquakes in Southern California after Mount Etna in Italy and Mount Pelee on the Island of Martinique exploded. Maybe they’re all on the same ley line. I believe that these major lines “crack” the Earth in a regular, mathematical pattern. a function of pi. A geological graduate student in Montana proposed such a theory in the late sixties. I suspect that earthquakes that occur close to each other in time often represent earth movement along the same ley line. Many times I have found this to be so. For instance, Sheep Peak, near Las Vegas, and Winnemucca also, is connected to Mt. Rainier and the Point occupied by Port Townsend in the Puget Sound. Earthquakes have happened on the same day along this ley line.

    The Chinese have practiced geomancy for thousands of years, and the cathedrals of Europe are located on powerful vortices. I suspect that many of the old Spanish missions are located on sacred ground here in our American West. To me, some of the cities on the West Coast seem to be located in really the wrong spots: Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles are situated in areas of confused jumbles of ley lines crossing every which way. Living might be more pleasant and secure if we would take the time to find a harmonious spot for the location of buildings and towns. If your house is crossed ley a ley line, and you don’t like it, consult .with an old-time dowser as to ways of putting rebar in the ground connected by copper wire to pass the force around rather than through. your property.

    Furthermore, I believe that the discomfort of “jet lag” felt after a long trip is our bodies complaining about crossing so many electromagnetic lines. This strips off our outer bodies — astral, etheric, and mental — which are susceptible to electronic forces. I usually feel terrible after driving the 1-5 freeway from Southern Oregon to Southern California because it crosses, rather than follows, some powerful lines between major vortices. After such a trip, I feel that I have to get myself “back together” again. If our highways, railroad tracks and airways were laid out Following ley lines rather than crossing them, we would move harmonious- with the earth, and our bodies would not suffer as they do now.

    From an imaginary viewpoint out in space. large vortices appear to be the hubs of wheels, and the spokes emanating from them are ley lines. Some of these “spokes” are more powerful than others, just as there seems to be different degrees of strength to the vortices. These spokes are like gears. in that the spokes are fixed, but energy whirls about. to and from the vortices, moving from spoke to spoke in whirls o different and changing frequencies. Until we devise instruments to monitor and measure these lines of force, this idea will be only conjecture.

    As viewed from space, some of these ley lines will cross each other, three or more of them, at exactly the same spot. These points of crossings are often in uninhabited places, wastelands or mountain areas so avoided that there is often no mountain or place name nearby to name them. These points of crossings I call Derived Vortices. Some of these Derived vortices are obviously quite powerful, because I found them by noticing the intersection of principal ley, lines (lines from known important vortices). These derived vortices and their relationships, or ley lines, between each other also meet three or more at exact points, forming further derivations. Often, near derived vortices, the aeronautical charts note areas of magnetic disturbance.

    Except for the lines that end at Santa Barbara, the Oregon Vortex and the trench off the coast of Southern Oregon, almost all of these principal lines continue on to other countries and continents. I have limited myself to the American West because that is the area that I know. In years past. I have flown over (in a light plane), driven by, and hiked or camped on or near many of these sacred places.

    SORRY… check back for updates!
    3 For an excellent exposition on vortices and ley lines, read View Over Atlantis by John Michell (New York: Ballantine, 1973).]

    Return Focus Triangle

    NEXT: Eastern U.S. power point



    The Vatican’s Swiss CIA False Flag Alien Invasion Terrorism certainly is connected to this somehow. Damascus Gate and “heaven’s gate” are both mentioned in actual historical accounts. Satan is planning his counterfeit of the Second Coming to occur just before Christ’s actual Second Coming. Check out the following excerpt from a web page concerning the terms “Damascus” and “gate of heaven”  and then Google the Vatican’s “Lucifer” telescope and Dr. Carol Rosen of NASA and Dr. Jim Garrow of the CIA, who worked on Project Blue Beam and recently came out and said Obama is the one the Vatican is planning to use to greet the CIA goons dressed up like lizard-people from planet Bongo or whatever:

    “The Old City and the Temple Mount

    Today a visitor can enter the Old City of Jerusalem by one
    of seven gates. Some gates were named by location. The Jaffa Gate
    faces West towards Tel Aviv and Joppa. The Damascus Gate is in
    the North wall where a traveler would enter if he had come from
    Galilee, the Golan Heights and Damascus. The Zion Gate is, logically,
    on Mt. Zion near the traditional Tomb of David and site of the
    Upper Room of the Last Supper. The Dung Gate faces South towards
    the Hinnom Valley where refuse from the city was dumped in former
    times into the Hinnom Valley. The Sheep Gate (or, St. Stephen’s
    Gate, or Lion’s Gate) is next to the sheep market, and so on.”

    Quote was excerpted from a post of theirs in “templemount.org”


    JULY 2016 UPDATE: Satanic Damascus OR Cult Members Caught Stalking People in CIA FINDERS-Type Child-Trafficking WHITE VANS, Possible Links to Nearby JESUIT/CATHOLIC SATANIC CEMETERY:



    09-14-15 PATRIOT NEWS UPDATE: Vatican/Swiss CIA Open NEW “Heaven’s Gate “Oculus” Suicide Cult…ON GROUND ZERO, NEW YORK CITY:


    Oculus, the Closed All-Seeing Eye at Ground Zero, to “Open” Each Year on 9/11:


    Published on Sep 13, 2015

    They have placed a bony “closed eye” structure dubbed Oculus over the rebuilt World Trade Center transportation hub that overlooks the new Ground Zero. The skylights in the architecture, which has been referred to as “a living, evolving, morphing creature,” will now “open” each year only once… on 9/11.

    Each year, the public will symbolically “experience a subtle sense of man’s vulnerability, while maintaining a link to a higher order.”

    Source: http://nyti.ms/1OOqsod
    H/T re – Santiago Calatrava: Jennifer Neilson


    08-07-15 PATRIOT NEWS UPDATE: Our expose on Damascus’ Heaven’s Gate Cult has been shared on Facebook ALONE over 29,000 times on one of the sites that picked up our story a few months ago, putting the probable audience exposure for the story at well over 3,000,000 views already:



    PATRIOT NEWS: Postings and links from other websites and/or sources do not equal endorsement by PATRIOT NEWS or any of its reporters.









    PART ONE: “HEAVEN’S GATE” EXPOSED: Satanic CIA Suicide Brainwashing Cult in Damascus, OR?


    PART TWO:”HEAVEN’S GATE” EXPOSED: 1997 Hale-Bop False Flag Run by CIA and Hillary Clinton


    PART THREE: Obama/CIA/FBI False Flag Terror Attacks Unleashed on Portland, OR and Suburbs?




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