Shocking FBI Evidence That Angela Merkel is Hitler’s Daughter

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… .mu.L Who know they can say it’s true. Others are just amazed.In 1954, a child was born that now the whole world knows.Needless to say his name. I know, yet it was in the newspapers or on television, so who would have believed that so ????

Yes, the end of time, mankind must tell people the truth … ..


Called. , Right-wing extremist ‘anti-immigration National Front party thwarted her attempt to grab a French historic election victory, when she failed to win power in any of the 13 regions of the country, although in the first round were the voices of a big lead and are forecast to have win a historic breakthrough gains.

The ruling Socialist President Francois Hollande eventually led far better than expected, he won six regions, with the opposition, centrist-right ‘also got six of them including the Paris region for the first time since 1997.

“They’re people who’re dropped voices who decide elections, it is the people who count the votes.” – Joseph Stalin

So now it seems that the people in Europe or the West remains little hope, since Islamization and cultural enrichment ‘will continue freely. It’s not that Greece, France and now Spain, which even in a climate disaster and braked Islamic migration to the West, apparently voted for the status quo and want to continue along this same ruinous path … so therefore ask whether it is really so as if the Turks ever vote for Christmas, or if he has the inclination apparently sudden change in the hearts of voters to the status quo there any other explanation? ‘

Islam is a religion of peace?

“Throw the hearts of those who disbelieve in horror. Therefore, they break off and head Utne them every fingertip. “- 8:12

“Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. And those who are with him are ruthless to the unbelievers but merciful to one another. “- 48:29

“Allah surely loves those who fight in His way.” – 61: 4

“Those who believe fight in the cause of Allah …” 4:76

“Morduj them wherever you find them, and vyháněj is one of those places from which you they dispelled since the persecution of Muslims is worse than the massacre of infidels … fight with them until there is no persecution will not, and religious belief will of Allah.” – 2:91

“Do not zdrchaný the faint of heart, and you cry out for peace when you can achieve superiority, because Allah is with you.” – 47:34

Meanwhile, ISIS has released the latest edition of their perverted propaganda fatwa, which mandates that children with Down syndrome and other disorders killed, and were, according to some allegations threatening reflects the work of the Nazis.

Sharia judges in his last decree clearly ruled that adherents are entitled to ISIS, killing newborn children with Down syndrome or congenital defects and crippled children.

More than 38 children were born with defects and Down syndrome at the age of one week to three months have been killed by lethal injection or suffocation, says a group of Iraqi activists Mosul eye.

Europe’s pay. These fantastic 4 is on its way !!! – Destroy those who insult Islam !!! – Europe reptile on the ground, Mujahid screaming coming. – As Muslims, we are united and we are ready to fight !! – Take off those who insult Islam. – Masakrujte those who insult Islam. – BBC: British Blasphemic Crusaders (British heretical crusaders)

So no matter how the left tries to wash the electorate brain to start to think that voting for the so-called., Extreme right ‘is a vote for neo-Nazis, so it looks like the real Nazis are in fact already in power washing the opposition all the resources necessary to enable them to proceed with their plans for the Islamization of the West and the destruction of their culture. A person who has always been at the forefront of this deception, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Now it will not culminate into, streams of blood flowing in the streets “; It is a phrase uttered the famous proklínaným British right-wing “politician, who also left ruined career (and add to it some of his own party) that dared to speak out and share their concerns with the electorate … is a sad fact that although it had been maligned and died a broken man, so it seems that he and his predictions on the 100% truth, though if you look around today, so it is not clear how many people are you really aware of this fact.

, Cultural enrichment ‘of the West is spreading quickly!

Fourth Reich?

This woman, Angela Merkel used to make rallied forces (Army of Jihad) in the last battle called Armageddon? It is also interesting to note that Chancellor Merkel has exactly the same eyes like Chancellor Hitler, and its appearance is not only striking in appearance but also in her mannerisms.

Hitler reportedly at the end of WW2 after he faked his own death, he fled with the help of the United States to South America. There are also indications that before his death in the ’80s fathered several children, including girls born in 1954, ie. The same year as German Chancellor Angela Merkel.


In April 1945 he escaped Adolf Hitler and his mistress Eva Braun in Argentina. After his marriage with Eva in Argentina they had several children together, so Hitler’s dynasty continued.

The first empire was unholy Roman Empire – the Frank – which lasted from 800 to 1808. The second empire began chancellor Otto von Bismarck in 1871 and ended with the defeat of Kaiser Wilhelm II in 1918. Nazi Germany was a Nazi dictatorship of Adolf Hitler and lasted since 1933 and 1945. Fourth Reich occurred on Nov. 22, 2005, when Angela Merkel was sworn-Hitler Chancellor of reunified Germany. Angela Merkel was born in Argentina and West Germany and the couple adopted her and named Hors Ferlin Kasner of Hamburg from West Germany. Angela was named after an uncle Angela – sister of Adolf Hitler.

Angela Merkel (born 1954) is a German Chancellor Adolf Hitler and his daughter !!!

Page of declassified FBI report, which notes that the former Nazi leader struggles with asthma and ulcers.

… I was one of four men who were with Hitler and his group met after he landed from two submarines in Argentina approximately two and a half weeks after the fall of Berlin. XXX said that the first submarine approached the coast at about 11 h in the evening after receiving an indication that the landing is safe and that the doctor and several men have been planted. About two hours later floated ashore and second submarine aboard were HITLER, two women, another doctor and a few other men, when the whole gang, who arrived submarines would involve about 50 people. According to a predetermined schedule of six top Argentine players on this team expected a herd of horses and dawn, all supplies loaded onto a horse and began an all-day journey inland to the foothills of the southern Andes. By nightfall the team arrived at the ranch, where Hitler and his gang by XXX now hiding. XXX especially carefully explained that the submarine landed near the tip of the peninsula Valdez at the southern tip of Argentina in the Gulf of St. Matthias.XXX YYY said that in the area where it could HITLER and his crew eventually left, a few tiny villages with German families. Appointed as cities like San Antonio, Videma, Neuquen, Muster, Carmena and rason.

XXX argue that the six Argentine may appoint agents and also provide the names of three other men who helped Hitler to disembark in his hideout. XXX explained that he got help with their gig by £ 15,000. XXX YYY explained that he was hiding elsewhere in the United States so that it can later find out how to get from Argentina. YYY said that he could tell his story agents of the United States when Hitler seized so they can prevent his return to Argentina. YYY further he explained that over the matter debated and he did not want to confuse him further into his business.

HITLER by XXX suffer from asthma and ulcers, shaved his mustache and has, at its upper lip long trench.

XXX YYY provided the following statement: “When you come to a hotel in San Antonio in Argentina, arrange the man who was there to meet you and show you the ranch where HITLER located. That is, of course, heavily guarded, and if you go out there and risking your life. If you go to Argentina, please add brand claiming YYY calls Hempetted 8158, and I will know that you are on your way to San Antonio. ”

The information above was provided YYY, a reporter for the Los Angeles Examiner on 29 July of 1945.

The writer contacted YYY in an effort to locate XXX, to be deeply questioned about the details regarding the above story, repeating the above information, adding that a friend with whom YYY spoke before Melody Lane restarant was a friend of his named “JACK”, surname unknown, But they arrange to be given further consultations with “Jack” and that he “JACK” advised that sat beside him at the table, YYY when eating lunch at Melody Lane restarant …

The image of Adolf Leipzig (aka Hitler) allegedly acquired in South America in 1982

Another image that was supposedly taken Hitler in later years …

Muslim demographics – a threat to the whole of Europe (and the world)!

Adapted from the book by Dr. Peter Hammond – Slavery, Terrorism and Islam: Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat.

Islam is not a religion, nor is it a cult. In its fullest form, it is a complete, total, 100% system of life. However, it is somewhere over 2% of the population of the country of Muslims, so it will be enough to get it started a chain of events that will lead to the ultimate genocide of non-Muslims.

Islam has a folder religious, legal, political, economic, social and military. The religious component to mingle with all the other ingredients.

Islamization begins when he is in a Muslim country enough to be able to agitate for their religious privileges.

If a politically correct, tolerant, and culturally diverse society (such as the liberal West) approves the Muslim demands for their religious privileges, and with it they tend to creep slowly permeate the other ingredients.

How it works:

If in a country the Muslim population remains around 2% or below, and are generally regarded as peaceful minority and other citizens they do not see a threat in them. This is the case in countries:

  • United States – 0.8% of Muslims (fast-growing and promised to take tens of thousands of refugees’)
  • Australia – Muslim 1.9%
  • China – 1.8% of Muslims

At 2% to 5% they begin to proselytize other ethnic minorities and disaffected groups, often most of them recruit from prison and street gangs. This is happening in the country:

  • Canada – 2.8% Muslims (fast-growing and promised to take tens of thousands of refugees’)
  • Denmark – 4.1% Muslims (fast-growing)
  • Italy – 2.6% Muslims (fast-growing)
  • Norway – 3.0% Muslims (fast-growing)
  • Spain – 4% of Muslims (fast-growing)
  • Britain – 4.6% Muslims (fast-growing)

5% above will begin to assert their share in the population disproportionate undue influence. E.g. begin to push the introduction of halal food (clean by Islamic standards), thus ensuring that place in food processing by Muslims. Raise pressure on supermarket chains to introduce halal counters on – along with threats of what happens when you would not concede. This happens in countries:

  • Austria – 5.7% Muslims (fast-growing)
  • Belgium – 6.0% Muslims (fast-growing)
  • France – 7.9% Muslims (fast-growing)
  • Germany – 5.6% Muslims (fast-growing)
  • Greece – 4.7% Muslims (fast-growing)
  • Philippines – 5.0% Muslims (fast-growing)
  • Sweden – 5.0% Muslims (fast-growing)
  • Switzerland – 4.3% Muslims (fast-growing)
  • Netherlands – 5.5% Muslims (fast-growing)
  • Thailand – Muslim 5.8%
  • Trinidad and Tobago – Muslim 5.8%

At this point, they begin to work on making government has allowed them to govern by themselves (in their ghettos) in accordance with Islamic Sharia law. The ultimate goal of Islamists is to establish Sharia law over the entire world.

When Muslims reach 10% of the population, they tend to increase lawlessness as a means to be able to complain about their conditions. In Paris already we are seeing burning cars. Any non-Muslim action offends Islam, and results in the unrest and threats, as was the case in Amsterdam in opposition to Mohammed cartoons and films about Islam. Such tensions are seen daily, especially in Muslim areas in countries such as:

  • Guyana – Muslim 10%
  • India – 10% of Muslims
  • Israel – 10% of Muslims
  • Kenya – 10% of Muslims
  • Russia – 10% of Muslims

After reaching 20% of the country can expect a fearsome riot formation jihadist militia, sporadic killings and burning of Christian churches and Jewish synagogues, as is the case in countries:

  • Ethiopia – Muslim 32.8%

Upon reaching 40% of the country is experiencing widespread massacres, chronic terror attacks and ongoing militia warfare, such as in countries:

  • Bosnia – Muslim 40%
  • Chad – 53.1% of Muslims
  • Lebanon – – 59.7% of Muslims

60% of the country is experiencing unbridled persecution of non-believers of all other religions (including non-conforming Muslims), sporadic ethnic cleansing (genocide), use of Sharia Law as a weapon, and jizya, ie. Taxes imposed on unbelievers, as is the case in countries:

  • Albania – 70% of Muslims
  • Malaysia – 60.4% of Muslims
  • Qatar – 77.5% of Muslims
  • Sudan – 70% of Muslims

After reaching 80%, expect daily intimidation and violent jihad, some State and led ethnic cleansing and even some genocide, as these countries expelling the infidels and lead it to 100% of the Muslims as experiencing it in different ways, and it is happening in the country:

  • Bangladesh – Muslim 83%
  • Egypt – Muslim 94.7%
  • Indonesia – Muslim 86.1%
  • Jordan – 92% of Muslims
  • Pakistan – 96.4% of Muslims
  • Syria – 92.8% of Muslims (now probably more due to the recent ethnic cleansing ISIS)
  • United Arab Emirates – 76% of Muslims

Almost 100% is supposed to bring peace, ie., Dar al-Salaam ‘- Islamist House of Peace. Here it is assumed that there will be peace, because nearly all are Muslims (nobody who does not, will not dare to talk about it), only the madrassa schools, and the Koran is the only “Word”, as is the case in countries:

  • Afghanistan – 99.8% of Muslims
  • Gaza – 98.7% of Muslims
  • Iran – 99.7% of Muslims
  • Iraq – 98.9% of Muslims (now probably more due to the recent ethnic cleansing ISIS)
  • Morocco – 99.9% of Muslims
  • Palestine – Muslim 99%
  • Saudi Arabia – 97.1% of Muslims
  • Somalia – 98.6% of Muslims
  • Tajikistan – 99% of Muslims
  • Turkey – 99.8% of Muslims (it is worrying that Turkey hopes to soon join the EU)
  • Yemen – 99.6% of Muslims

But unfortunately peace is never achieved, as in these 100% states the most radical Muslims intimidate and spread hatred and satisfy a variety of reasons his bloodlust by killing less radical Muslims.

It is also important to understand that in some of those countries that are well below the 100% Muslim population, such as France, the minority Muslim populations live in ghettos, in which 100% of Muslims and they live by Sharia law. In these ghettos or national police do not enter. There are national schools, neither the courts nor any non-Muslim religious facilities. In such a situation, the majority of Muslims do not integrate into the community. Children go to madrassas. You must also take into account the size of the country, where there are these levels of concentration of Muslims and the effect that this in turn will have on society in general.

They teach only the Koran. Though even consorting with the infidel is a crime punishable by death. In some areas of some countries, therefore, Muslim Imams and extremists advocate much greater than what it shows in the country on average.

Translation: Miroslav Pavlicek


Taken from AC24




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