Disturbing Evidence That Portland’s “VOODOO DONUTS” May Be a Child Sex Trafficking Front #PizzaGate






PATRIOT NEWS: (Above: Co-Owner and Mega-Pervert Proudly Displaying a “Little Boy Lover” Color Handkerchief. Google: “HANDKERCHIEF CODE” and “PODESTA E-MAILS HANDKERCHIEF CODE”) Notice the following CHINESE Screenshot of a baby wearing Voodoo’s Pedo-Gear and sitting on an MK Ultra Beta Sex Slave Kitten-patterned leopard skin with his finder in his mouth, looking at an adult off to the side:


PATRIOT NEWS: We absolutely oppose all Satanism, child trafficking, abuse, blasphemy against Jesus Christ, violence and hate. One of the creepiest (and most illogically-located) businesses in the world has got to be “Voodoo Donuts” in Portland. The business, located right next to TWO deviant hellholes, one of them being DANTE’S Satanic Strip Club, as well as being RIGHT ON TOP of the CONFIRMED infamous Child Trafficking SHANGHAI TUNNELS) is an overtly-Satanic enterprise that has managed to skyrocket since its inception in 2003, despite being built by two homosexuals who never even made a donut before, being located in (as they put it) the “crotch of Portland,” and being extremely family unfriendly. The following is a compilation of evidence that we have already gathered (quite easily, as it turns out, we have barely even started digging) that this place may be a major child trafficking front:


PATRIOT NEWS: Portand Strip Clubs are NOTORIOUS for being used in Child Trafficking, and DANTE’s (one of the worst in town) is located RIGHT NEXT TO VOODOO DOUGHNUTS. The one below, CLUB ROUGE, recently got busted by Multnomah County Police and FOX 12. We sent this story in to FOX 12 and are going to send it to Mulnomah County Police, we’ll see if they investigate or not. If not, they are guilty of MISPRISION OF A FELONY.







12/08/16 UPDATE: Thanks to another reader’s tips for digging this up for us. This is a screenshot of a 15 year old half-naked kid (ala the Catholic church pedo ring 80s TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART MTV video) with a hat like the one used in one of Madonna’s 80s MTVpedo videos with a little kid) wearing his pjs outside of Voodoo Doughnuts,dancing. His “influences” at age 15 include ultra-Satanic LADY GAGA among others. CREEPY and SICK:



#PizzaGate: Owner Of Pizza Restaurant Charged With Pedophilia

Portland’s dark world of child sex trafficking

“HEAVEN’S GATE” EXPOSED: Satanic CIA Suicide Brainwashing Cult in Damascus, OR

Pizzagate: Emails Prove Podesta is Georgetown University Member of the Satanic Jesuit Order (IHS)


Just a few extremely disconcerting facts off the top of our heads about this place (and its surrounding deviant neighbors):


1 – The place is extremely Satanic. They practice real voodoo in the place, as is confirmed by their own Satanic “church,” the ULCM.





(Not that anyone “pretends” to practice voodoo or other Satanic magics, for that matter…it is all real, whether or not the people participating in it realize it. “Magic” is simply demons without physical bodies possessing and/or hurting/abusing/destroying you because they are miserable and want everyone else to be miserable too, and because they are insanely obsessed with having a body, which they never can have because of their own High Treason in Heaven before any of us came to Earth to inhabit our physical bodies. They are all totally hateful and selfish. They want everything you have, and they want you to have nothing. Bottom line, If it looks like magic, it is magic)

All organized child trafficking is Satanic, and all child traffickers are deeply into the occult and specifically Satanism.It is also nestled next to creepy Captain Ankeny’s Pizza, Dante’s Strip Club, a smaller strip club that spills out onto the streets after 10 pm and goes all night long, complete with used condoms adorning the Voodoo Donuts outside picnic tables/eating area…as well as the fact that all of these infamous and occult/sadomasochistic places are connected to the even more infamous Portland Underground/Shanghai Tunnels, which were (and many say still are) used for human trafficking. All of this aligns exactly with the Comet Pizza and Ping Pong/Besta Pizza/etc. Child Trafficking Conglomerate of Washington D.C./Crystal City’s PIZZAGATE:

2 – They hold a “COCKFEST” (Sodomite Sperm Ejaculation Contest) IN THE DONUT RESTAURANT:


datalounge vd33

3 – They sell a “creme”-filled PENIS AND TESTICLES DONUT.



4 – At least one of the owners seems to fantasize about young straight boys and feels they are persecuted by all straight people. “Its just…its just great to WATCH homophobic, straight, 18 year old BOYS all order one TD (penis and testicles donut) and GIGGLE and then all sit down in the corner and all like SHARE IT and GOBBLE DOWN THIS TESTICLE.” – Voodoo Donuts Co-Owner


5 – Wikileaks’ Pizzagate revelations prove the undeniable pattern that Child Trafficking Fronts use, and Voodoo Donuts fits ALL OF THEM to a “T.” podesta4

  • podestavoodoodonuts2

6 – “The Magic is in the Middle.” This is both Satanic and sexually perverse.vd15

7 – “The Magic is in the Middle” clothing is also sold to baby girls and little girls, and they are depicted wearing it on the same exact page as the adult porn star types.vd18

8 – “Good Things Come in Pink Packages.” SICKvd25

9 – Especially since two little girls are also adorned completely in pink on this same site, one on the same page as the above adult porn star type pic, and the other one on a page called “SPECIAL ORDERS.”

10 -Two extremist men, one who apparently lusts after 18 year old boys, fill their lives with Voodoo magic and Satanic imagery and openly practice Satanic Voodoo spells in public, worship witch doctors, and drive pink vans to little girls’ birthday parties and schools. And oh yeah, voodoo has been employed in the past by child traffickers to control and kidnap children:vd29


P.N. NOTE: The pictures below are of notorious Sandy Hook lunatic Andrew Solomon, a Satanist who bathed himself in blood and was possessed by a demon during the voodoo ritual (center pic)…and who is a magnate of a major evil pharmaceutical company in the U.S. He is apparently closely involved with the CIA, as he was “granted the only interview with Peter Lanza,” if such a person actually exists, after Sandy Hook Hoax, for the express purpose of covering up the Jesuit CIA psy-op and to push gun confiscation from Americans and people on antidepressants in particular…as well as to sell more of his drugs.


11 – They are “ministers” in the exact same “church” as Lady Gaga and other famous Satanists. They perform Satanic Voodoo “weddings” under the false “authority” of the massive California-based Satanic Cult known as the “Universal Life Church”:


https://www.flickr.com/photos/andrewwelchphotography/3007457640/in/photostream/ v53vd34



12 – Since the “weddings” are a huge blasphemy against Christ and have no lawful authority or basis, they also “marry” Sodomites to each other. They also marry cats:




13 – The front page of their website blatantly boasts the “666” Mark of the Beast via the 3 black voodoo dolls. The owners also love to show off their “666” sign personally.vd35v39




14 – The creators of Voodoo Donuts claimed they wanted to make a business in Portland, and they eventually decided on a donut shop. Moreover, that they had never even made a donut before in their lives. That is patently ridiculous, as anyone who has ever built a business knows. You start out with something you are They also brag about “endless connections” of some sort that got them the funding they needed to build the business. The child trafficking rings in Portland are extremely well connected and work together tightly.passionate about, and then build the business around it, not vice versa. vd6

15 – “After a meeting with some Armenians and drumming masters, they were ready to set up shop in the ‘CROTCH’ of Portland.”

16 – “The Magic is in the HOLD” Trucking Hat??? With a Satanic possessed guy wearing it??? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME???? Has anyone ever seen the movie “Breakdown?”


17 – Somehow they have managed to attract neverending celebrities and politicians involved closely with Satanism and Child Trafficking to their little donut shop, as well as go international, after only opening in 2003. v45v46v44

18 – All their locations are “CASH ONLY.” No way to trace anything back to them. v22

19 – They are simply loved by the NWO Media, most of whom are involved with child trafficking directly or in covering it up.

20 – They are racist. The overtly-racist element of their primary donut…the little black voodoo doll with the big red lips and white teeth…is completely ignored by the media. Satanism is also closely connected with organized racism. vd5

21 – Every single location that they chose to open a shop in is a MAJOR child trafficking nexus…Burnside in Downtown Portland:



22 – Davis and Sandy in Portland:


23 – 82nd Avenue in Portland:


24 – Eugene, Oregon:



25 – Denver, Colorado (which has been the new CIA Headquarters officially since 2006, as well as the location of the massively Satanic Denver New World Airport Temple):




Look at how close Voodoo Donuts is to Satanic DIA (Denver International Airport/CIA Headquarters)…you can see the entire airport is literally in the shape of a giant Nazi Swastika:



26 – Austin, Texas (literally the center of a pyramid of child trafficking in Texas):





27 – …and Taiwan. They started out in a little shop in Portland wound up in a few years in TAIWAN? SERIOUSLY?


(Above:Racist Black Voodoo Sacrifice Boy/Doll with FBI’s “Little Boy Lover” symbol on its chest. Below: “Cash Only” business in Child Trafficking den of Taipei, Taiwan.)vdperv5



(Above: Little baby boy in a “The Magic is in the Hole” shirt sitting on a stripper/MK Ultra couch with his finger in his mouth looking over to the cameraman. Below: “Banana Hammock” donut)


  • v1

28 – “There are some parts of the globe we haven’t ‘penetrated’ yet?”

They also reference Japan, Tibet and Easter Island as liking their wares on their website, and all 3 places are also strongly connected to human trafficking:


29 – The following “SPECIAL ORDERS” part of their website has so many blatant child trafficking coded references in it, it is honestly frightening:v59

30 – Child Traffickers and other pedophiles use a secret code to communicate with each other. In the now-exposed PIZZAGATE/Comet Pizza and Ping Pong/Besta Pizza/CIA Finders Child Trafficking Ring in Washington, D.C., they used certain words as secret codes for what kind of child or adult they were selling into slavery. It is more than possible that the bizarre varieties of “donuts” (children/people?) are similarly a code, the different kind of “donut” advertised in their “Special Orders” section may correspond to the different type of slave. The Kool-Aid donut, for example, may be an LSD/MK Ultra slave…the Black Voodoo Doll Boy may be black children and/or black children intended by them for ritual sacrifice in a voodoo ritual…the Satanic Pentagram one may be similar. Etc. fbiexposescodes

31 – “Denver Murals” is a reference to the Pro-Terrorist, Pro-Racism, Anti-Christian, Pro-Genocide murals and statues plastered all over Denver “News World” International “Airport” in Denver, CO, new home of the Jesuit CIA. The land is owned unlawfully by the Vatican through the British Crown. vd27

32 -“Alice Down the Doughnut Hole” is a reference to MK Ultra rape programming and pedophilia. Lewis Carroll was a known child molester who preyed on a little girl named Alice Liddel. His books “Alice in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass” were later used by the Jesuit CIA for torture-based Satanic mind-control brainwashing programs.

33 – These shops are located on key Ley Lines used for Satanic False Flag murders. Satanists use Ley Lines for their serial killing/crimes to try to focus the negative energy around the world.

34 – Gethsemani Cemetery (a place with underground tunnels which is located in an area of high occult activity and is run by the Roman Catholic “church,” which has been identified as the Synagogue of Satan/church of the devil in the holy scriptures, is very close to this area, as are various Satanic Jesuit Covens and the Satanic “Church of Scientology.”v38

35 – Damascus, OR is less than 20 miles away, and is so highly packed with Satanic covens that it literally has its own Satanic (and probably Child Trafficking) Underground Temple, complete with CIA-type white vans who harass and follow people who look at the evil place.

36 – “Our donuts may contain VOODOO MAGIC.” That is really disturbing, especially since some occultists invoke evil spirits into their products (like the music industry, who invoke demons to curse their music records before they sell them) and mix in blood and/or flesh into the food they feed to innocent people. vd4


bushcoverupskissinger-bushmkucamkultrabushmkk2454daa200000578-2891234-image-a-5_14199504096892454cf6a00000578-2891234-image-m-4_14199503584362454d86300000578-2891234-image-a-7_14199509906962454d85e00000578-2891234-image-a-6_1419950518739cometman171pettibonecometman22cometman21cometman20cometman19cometman18cometman17cometman15cometman12cometman14cometman11cometman13cometman6cometman10cometman5pizzagate5pizzagate4pizzagate3pizzagate2cometmanpizzagatecometman2cometman3cometman4cometman7cometman8cometman9pizzagate6pizzagate7pizzagate8pizzagate9pizzagate8pizzagate7pizzagate6pizzagate5pizzagate4nyc2nyc3savile3savile2savile7dapl911-recordingpenispedopedo2cometmannycepstein3cnn-super-pacepstein2epsteinsislandepstein8epstein7PORTLANDpodesta1v32epstein6v33v43sandfordhumasandford9-11obama911911_commission_lieskidnappingvan2white vansmanandvanfemaclinton2360AE9BA00000578-0-image-a-2_1467904429977gawkgawkerobamapodestapodesta15podesta2podesta12podesta13podesta14podesta16podesta17podesta18podesta19podesta30podesta20podesta31podesta21podesta32podesta23podesta25podesta24podesta26podesta25podesta27podesta9podesta10podesta11biden28biden16vpmolester1childrape8childrape6childrape3childrape4childpornmkultraislandclintons


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